Friday, January 16, 2015

The Vegan Thing

Hi everyone...

It has been a real while since I posted something on my blog. Guess this is not a thing I feel like doing everyday, but more like once in a while.
These few months passed by so fast and now it is already 2015! Have a good New Year by the way :)

Next week I will have to hand in my last project Prototype at AMFI and then Semester One will slowly come to its end.. Crazy how time flies.

Now why I do post something today is because a few weeks ago I told my roommate that I could never become Vegan, but I would actually like to try... and here we are today and I have been trying to eat Vegan for 3 days now. This might seem really short (which it is), but I want to continue for at least 1-2 weeks and see after that.

People ask me why I do this and I literally always say because I wanted to do something I thought I never could do and maybe do something for myself, challenge myself.
So far I have done some research online, but still want to learn more about this topic and believe me, grocery shopping is NOT EASY haha! I had- and still have- some difficulties finding the proper groceries, but I will get the hang of it eventually :D

There are some really nice blogs and restaurants I came across while researching and I am ready to share these all with you. Maybe you also think about trying to eat vegan, then do it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  :)

The next few weeks I will share my experience with you all and hope you enjoy reading this.
This blog won't turn into a FOOD blog, but I have come to the point where I say that mainly "Fashion" blogging is not my thing, I hate being in front of the camera :D Be excited for more posts!

If you have any questions or really good suggestions (maybe about some vegan recipes) then let me know and comment :)

Below you will find some photos from my shopping today.

Have a lovely evening and think squared!
- Laura

P.s: Check out these sites for some infos :D

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