Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lost Wanderer

Dear all!

Today I spent a lovely day in (rainy) Rotterdam.
Challenge of today: Find Museum Van Boijmans Beuningen!
After reaching my destination, which was actually really easy to find, I enjoyed myself walking around in the museum and especially looking at the Future of Fashion is Now - exhibition. Stunning to see such great designs and innovations presented in the heart of Rotterdam, giving fashion loving people the chance to get a glimpse at something that is not only important now, but also in the future.

Separated into four categories:
1) Materiality and Experience 
2) Re-Defining the Human Body 
3) New Values and New Stories 
4) Community and Politics 

Each sector did not only surprise with individual designs, but also with thought through arrangement and lighting. Victor & Rolf, Dooling Jiang, Craig Green, Iris van Herpen are only a few of the contributors of this exhibition.

Everything was worth to be seen, but where I found myself puzzling was when I entered sector four. Reading through descriptions and stories behind the artworks and designs made me think about society and communities ... it makes me sad, angry and confused at the same time.
Impressed by artwork of Tania Candiani and Lucy+Jorge Orta!

"Candiani is fascinated by the way places can connect different aspects of life and make processes visible. Her starting point is often a physical place: an environment shared by a group of people. For this project she created one dress each day for thirty days in a bankrupt textile factory. She embroidered the dresses with stories and anecdotes about the factory, revealing both the poor working conditions and the nostalgia of the workers and local residents." 

Afterwards I wandered around Rotterdam trying to find Bio Bodega, a cute little bio store close to Rotterdam Centraal. On the way I actually found a store, which of I could not remember the name, but accidentally walked past it! GROOS -  a cool "Warenhuis" offering different objects and designs (Rotterdam based designs).

Check it out if you are in the area.
Below you will find the best photos of today.

Think squared,
Laura! :)

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