Saturday, September 27, 2014

The World of Denim

Good morning!

After a long and stressful week I am happy to day that it is finally weekend.
My post today is about the Denim Industry and therefore I will tell you more about 2 individual brands.
Why am I doing this? We had a lecture on Thursday night about how Denim influences the industry and how difficult it is to establish newcomer brands on the market in the Netherlands and around the world.

K.O.I (Kings of Indigo) is the first brand I would like to introduce. This brand is inspired by the American Classics and set focus on the Japanese eye for detail (started in 2011). What makes them special is, that they try to produce sustainable and some Jeans are even produced with a Selvage (old machines with red thread). The recycle - repair - reuse method gives customers the chance to repair their own pair of jean and the packaging is recyclable (organic - recycling - Fair wear).
All in all, I believe that K.O.I is a really great new brand on the market to stress the importance of Sustainability and their special design elements make it really worth buying on of their Jeans.

Check it out:

MUD Jeans is the second brand I want to set focus on. Unfortunately it is a brand that once went bankrupted, but now is trying to find their way back up. Great Design and Idea stand behind MUD and I truly believe, that their new "Lease a Jean" idea will soon spread all over.
How does leasing a jean work? 
First you have to pay a 20€ deposit and then you choose a jean of your choice and MUD will take 6€ per month from your bank account for one year and then you get to choose whether you want to keep it, switch it or send it back.

If you want to know more about this idea and about MUD itself, then check out:

To sum everything up, it is fascinating too hear how brands work and try to find their way in the business. Now it is our turn (customers) to make a change and really start supporting small businesses. And now lets be honest...who does not want to have a jean that fits perfectly and lasts you for a lifetime?

Maybe K.O.I or MUD will be hanging in your closet least they will in mine (as soon as I have more money to buy one :D )

Don't forget to look at my photos below :)
This time I focused on Denim, but mixed all the items I had to create this "denim outfit".

Have a great weekend and think squared,
Laura S.

Hat | from Zara
Necklace | Vintage from White Rabbit
Jacket | from Vero Moda
Jean Shirt | from Zara
Pants | from Zara
Shoes | from Uterqüe
Clutch | from Invito
Watch | from Michael Kors

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