Monday, September 8, 2014

Phases of Laura

Hey everyone!
Today I will tell you one more thing about myself and how I used to look like, well that should be funny. I grew up in Innsbruck, Austria and I was always a funny and weird kid, who liked and still likes to laugh all the time. One of my worst (or good) habits is that I continuously want to change my hair, dye them, cut them and dye them again, I never seem to be satisfied with how they look.
I call myself really open-minded and outgoing and I am really afraid of spiders, like most girls I believe.

Look at some photos below and you can laugh a little.
Think squared, or maybe round, no let's think squared :)


I also used to have orange hair, but I could not find the photo. 
Let's see what I will do next :) 

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