Monday, September 1, 2014

keep it *mute

Today is a good day to start classes at AMFI because it is beautiful outside and it is the first I guess it just has to be good. Finished with class at 12 and then went to the museum to get some inspiration for our first "homework", so before I go to my next class in an hour I thought I could write something for you on my blog.

Magazines are something really unique and interesting to me, so that is why I will talk about a project I did while being in my last year of High School in Austria (HTL Bau und Design).
When being a student in this school you have to do a final project that somehow involves everything you have learned about Graphic and Communication Design, so therefore my teammates and I chose to create an individual fashion magazine. Our main aim was to create a magazine that had absolutely nothing in common with magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, etc.

We wanted to stand out, we wanted to let images talk.
To be honest, it was a really tough and time-consuming project to do besides attending school, but finally after 6 months we finished our magazine and called it *mute. We set focus on important and influential topics that inspired us and tried to build up a harmonious magazine from A to Z. It involved writing stories, taking photos and creating illustrations and information graphics to get the overall image of our magazine.

Take a look at some parts of the magazine below and if you are interested to read or learn more about  *mute don't hesitate to contact me via email.


Some information: 

Name: *mute
Team: Andreas Bucher, Alexandra Schwaiger and Laura Sinnhuber
Duration: +6 months (including research, design, layout, photo shoots, printing process, etc.)
Pages: 122

Stay *mute and think squared :)

Our magazine has a cover, which is a bubble wrapping envelope.
Afterwards we used the space to add information with edding.

the cover

a page inside about religion in fashion made by Andreas Bucher

page inside about the color BLUE made by Alexandra Schwaiger

information graphic about the beginning of computers/ internet made by me

page inside about underwear in history made by me


intro page inside made by me

article about fashionblogs made by me

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