Thursday, September 4, 2014


Good evening and a lovely Hello
My day started pretty good because class started at 1p.m, but then the day just got longer and longer and longer and now I am finally home. The only thing I would really like to say is ...

so . . . this is what university is like . . . let's have a beer ;) 
I am not trying to complain here on my blog, but there are just a lot of things to do right away, nevertheless I am sure all first year students will do a great job at it (including hopefully me).
Did not find the time to take some photos of myself today because I was not feeling well and I just had no time to do so, instead I will give you a short inside look of my first days here at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

Enjoy and think squared :)

library - studying and researching

at the Stedelijk-Museum

part of AMFI

First work I had to do in Drawing Class (difficult to describe the purpose of it) 

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