Monday, September 29, 2014

Approved Sneakers Market

Hey everyone!
Yesterday my roommate Mirjam and I went to the Approved Sneakers Market in Amsterdam Roest!
To be honest, I expected more from the market itself because most sneakers were just really expensive, but nevertheless I saw some pretty amazing shoes (too bad I do not have money to buy one pair). They had everything you can think of, most of them were NIKE, but they also had other brands like Reebok, New Balance and Jordan Shoes.

What I loved about this market were all the individual sneaker loving people that were present and the atmosphere in the area of Roest! Definitely worth the 3,50€ entrance fee and it was just really inspiring to see.

Below you can check out my photos from the Sneakers Market! :)
Have a good day!

Think squared, Laura S.

Take a walk! Sneakers -loving people at the market! 

I wish I would have bought these shoes, but unfortunately they were one size too small :( 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The World of Denim

Good morning!

After a long and stressful week I am happy to day that it is finally weekend.
My post today is about the Denim Industry and therefore I will tell you more about 2 individual brands.
Why am I doing this? We had a lecture on Thursday night about how Denim influences the industry and how difficult it is to establish newcomer brands on the market in the Netherlands and around the world.

K.O.I (Kings of Indigo) is the first brand I would like to introduce. This brand is inspired by the American Classics and set focus on the Japanese eye for detail (started in 2011). What makes them special is, that they try to produce sustainable and some Jeans are even produced with a Selvage (old machines with red thread). The recycle - repair - reuse method gives customers the chance to repair their own pair of jean and the packaging is recyclable (organic - recycling - Fair wear).
All in all, I believe that K.O.I is a really great new brand on the market to stress the importance of Sustainability and their special design elements make it really worth buying on of their Jeans.

Check it out:

MUD Jeans is the second brand I want to set focus on. Unfortunately it is a brand that once went bankrupted, but now is trying to find their way back up. Great Design and Idea stand behind MUD and I truly believe, that their new "Lease a Jean" idea will soon spread all over.
How does leasing a jean work? 
First you have to pay a 20€ deposit and then you choose a jean of your choice and MUD will take 6€ per month from your bank account for one year and then you get to choose whether you want to keep it, switch it or send it back.

If you want to know more about this idea and about MUD itself, then check out:

To sum everything up, it is fascinating too hear how brands work and try to find their way in the business. Now it is our turn (customers) to make a change and really start supporting small businesses. And now lets be honest...who does not want to have a jean that fits perfectly and lasts you for a lifetime?

Maybe K.O.I or MUD will be hanging in your closet least they will in mine (as soon as I have more money to buy one :D )

Don't forget to look at my photos below :)
This time I focused on Denim, but mixed all the items I had to create this "denim outfit".

Have a great weekend and think squared,
Laura S.

Hat | from Zara
Necklace | Vintage from White Rabbit
Jacket | from Vero Moda
Jean Shirt | from Zara
Pants | from Zara
Shoes | from Uterqüe
Clutch | from Invito
Watch | from Michael Kors

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Leo and Laura

Good (early) morning everyone!
What a good day - no university :) Woke up really early because I have a lot of things to do, but I will also hangout with friends later on.

My look today is pretty basic - I absolutely love wearing cozy pants because I just do not feel really comfortable in Jeans. Furthermore, I am obsessed this season with leo prints and love the combination with the Jean Jacket and a pair of white Converse.

Have a look at my photos below.
(Sorry for taking my time for new posts - try to work on it! :) )

Wish you a lovely day.
Think squared,
Laura S.

Jacket | from Vero Moda
Shirt | from H&M
Pants | present
Shoes | from Converse
Watch | from Casio
Purse | I don't remember :D

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bricks, Art and Fashion

Hello and good afternoon!
Finally it is Friday and I am soooo ready for the weekend, believe me. It is really nice outside and I enjoy the lovely weather here in Amsterdam. My roommate and I went to a magazine store to get more material for our Inspiration book, which I will for sure show you all as soon as it is finished.

My look for today is basically a mix out of everything. I love mixing colors and one of my favorite pieces is by far my royal blue jacket, which I got a while ago from Primark. Even though it was way to warm outside to wear it today I still did because it matched my outfit perfectly. Furthermore, we went to a really cool location nearby because I am just so fascinated with photography.

So have a look and think squared :)

Hallo und Guten Nachmittag! 
Endlich ist es Freitag und ich bin sooooo bereit für dieses Wochenende, glaubt mir. Es ist so wunderschön außen und ich genieße dieses Wetter hier in Amsterdam sehr. Meine Mitbewohnerin und ich sind heute ein paar Magazine einkaufen gegangen, um unser Inspirations- Buch zu erweitern, welches ich euch zeigen werde sobald es fertig ist. 

Mein Outfit ist ein kompletter Mix. Ich liebe es Farben zu mixen und diese königsblaue Jacke ist bei weitem mein Favorit (Primark). Trotz der Hitze konnte ich es mir nicht nehmen diese Jacke heute zu tragen, da es einfach perfekt dazu passte. Außerdem gingen wir zu einer richtig coolen Gegend um die Ecke, da ich einfach so unglaublich fasziniert von Fotografie bin. 

Schaut euch die Bilder an... and think squared :) 

Jacket | from Primark
Blouse | from H&M
Pants | from Forever 21
Shoes | from Korea
Backpack | from Korea

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lady Bug and Leather


Days are passing by so fast and time is running out of working on my project for AMFI. Sometimes I feel stressed out, but then I think about all the reasons why I am here and what I want to do after University.

So...basically my days are filled with researching and studying. Nevertheless I also find and make time for myself, where I watch my shows and series or just go for a drink with friends.
Today I wore a really casual outfit to school. Something I always go outside with are my bag and a jacket because here you really never know how the weather will turn out to be. Furthermore I wore my lady bug shirt, some boyfriend jeans and my favorite red sneakers.

Recently, like you could also probably see, I was trying to create a "dip-dye", which did not turn out the way I wanted it to, but I am happy it washes out very fast :D

Have a look at my recent photos and think squared!
I will try to keep you all updated.

Have a good week.
Best wishes, Laura S.

Jacket | from Zara
Shirt | from Korea
Boyfriend Jeans | from GAP
Sneakers | from Korea
Bag | from Y'not

Sorry, had no other photo of my lady bug shirt :) 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Some Black

Hey everyone! Hope you all have a good Saturday and I can't believe it is finally weekend - or not.
We have to do so much for university, but I am positive to get it all done in time (I hope).

Today I will maybe take a walk and get some things done and at night I will join a Student-Party.
Wish you all a great weekend and have fun looking at my latest photos.

Think squared,
Laura S. :)

Jacket | from Pull & Bear
Blouse | from Zara
Tote Bag | from Nikki Giling
Pants | from Benetton
Shoes | from Converse
Watch | from Michael Kors

Friday, September 12, 2014

Just Ridiculous

What if I told you, that a store (we all know) sold a T-shirt with a print that said "Eat less" on it?
-shirt from 2010

Is it a statement for us to eat less or a suggestion to go with the trend of eating less and looking like models from various magazines? 

Urban Outfitters really shocked us with their designs and made customers question the brand itself and everything that comes with their image. They are a known brand for being innovative, naughty and as well really "urban", but selling T-shirts like that just takes it too far.

We are all human, we all have our little flaws we try to work on and do not want to certainly get confronted with them. Especially Fashion should be the key for us to choose who we are and who we want to be. Fashion should not tell us what to do and how to behave.

Whoever designed this shirt and let it go into production is just questionable. Why would you ever accept this? Of course Fashion is a tough business, but brands like Urban Outfitters should not have the right to tell us how to look like.

Luckily there are still people out there that stand up against this topic and Sophia Bush is one of them.

Sophia Bush

Furthermore, I truly believe that each one of us is individual and thats what makes us all special. Brands like Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie & Fitch should make us question society, but at the same time should motivate us to change something.

What Hearty Magazine said about this:
June 7 - 2010

A few days ago, Urban Outfitters debuted a new "statement tee" on their website. The long, gray top read "Eat Less" in white cursive. Below the photo of a barely-there girl posing in the shirt, the caption said, "Eat less or more or however much you'd like in this seriously soft knit tee cut long and topped with a v-neck." PEREZ talked about it, JEZEBEL talked about it and the HUFFINGTON POST questioned if it was tasteful or tasteless? We think the answer is pretty clear. There is nothing clever or witty about the "Eat Less" t-shirt. Nothing. What is the point of something like this except to drive controversy and backlash? Sure, Urban Outfitters has REMOVED THE SHIRT from their website but sales representatives in Manhattan confirmed the shirt is still being sold in store. But "only in larger sizes," if that makes any sense or softens the Pro-Ana blow of this shirt. It's shocking enough that people will wear cheesy ironic shirts that say, "I'm with Stupid," let alone one that promotes eating less. Seriously, why should we? Eat more, drink more, play more and shop at Urban Outfitters less. -

Think about it and think squared!
Have a lovely weekend.

Laura S.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blue Shades of Yellow

Today I had a day off from University and I used the time to get things done. Basically I got on the bike and just kept on biking till I found my way and luckily I got called in for a job interview today, which made me really happy. Living here in Amsterdam costs some money and I really need a job to enjoy living here :)
This post is about my cool new blue shades, which I bought at a Vintage store in Amsterdam!

Have a look at my photos and think squared :)

Heute hatte ich frei und ich habe die Zeit genützt, um ein paar Sachen zu erledigen. Ich hab mich auf mein Rad gesetzt und bin einfach losgefahren. Außerdem wurde ich gebeten zu einem Job Interview zu kommen, über das freue ich mich total! In Amsterdam zu leben ist ziemlich teuer und ich brauch ein bisschen Geld, um das Studenten - Leben hier wirklich zu genießen. 
In diesem Beitrag geht es hauptsächlich um meine neue Sonnenbrille, welche ich in einem Vintage Laden hier in Amsterdam gekauft habe. 

Schaut euch meine Fotos an und "think squared"!

Sunglasses | from Episode
Necklace | from Cape Town
Watch | from Michael Kors
Jeans Jacket | from Vero Moda
Shirt | from H&M
Pants | from Forever 21
Bag | from a store in Korea ("Gossip Girl")
Shoes | from Converse