Sunday, August 31, 2014

on the edge

Good morning!
It is after 11 a.m and I am sitting here trying to type something for you all. Last night we went to a club with some friends and we all had a blast, especially being around with great people like that makes it easy to experience all the new things that happen around me. After two weeks I can already tell that I have fallen in love with this beautiful city Amsterdam and I can't wait for all my friends back home to see where I live now. Of course it is not easy to let all of your friends and family behind, but Amsterdam is just the place to be and here you can find inspiration around every corner.

I also tried this "new thing" called - getting pictures taken of myself! 
Usually it is me that takes photos of everyone and tries to get the perfect shot, but now it is my turn to be the person in front of the camera and I can actually see myself doing that more often, which would be great since I started this blog now.

Take a look at my latest photos and hope you have a squared day!
Best wishes,
Laura S.

Jacket | from Zara
Blouse | from an unknown store in Innsbruck (Austria)
Jeans | from Zara
Shoes | from Nike (bought in Poland 5 years ago)
Bag | Selfmade

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