Friday, August 29, 2014

looking through the lens

Photography has the power to shock us and present fantastic lies.
-Susan Sontag (Susan Sontag was an american writer, journalist and director. - from her book "On Photography" ) 
Photography has not always been my passion, but it was my way of capturing moments I would probably forget or moments I would always want to remember. Throughout High School I became really interested in taking photos and this was when my parents bought me my first [which I still use] Nikon D3000Even though I was born and raised between mountains in Austria, I always had the strong desire to see and experience different things in various countries and places. I am just a traveler who cannot stay in one place for too long. Staying in Michigan (USA), South Africa, South Korea and some European countries made me realize that I want to capture lifestyle and culture in my photos and not these typical touristic Google photos (Sorry Google its not an offense, but it is just not the type of photos I like).

Referring back to the book I mentioned above...
.... reading this book was not always on my TO-DO list, but I had to read it in order to graduate in Communication Design and I loved the way Susan Sontag wrote down everything the society already knows, but maybe does not want to admit. 

Photos can function as a memorial evidence against us or they can be a picture of reality and people believe in pictures more than in paintings, but why? 
It is simple, paintings can be an interpretation of the real world and people think photos cannot lie, but they obviously can. 

Of course Photography might not count as fine art, but it has the power to turn everything into art. Photos deliver critical messages and turn objects into living things and vice versa. 
It is not about whether we like them or not, or about good and bad because everything depends on how we see it. The camera makes it possible to see what the photographer sees, but it is still just a small piece of the world. 

Take a step back. Take down your camera. Take a look to the left. Take a look to the right. Look up and look down...
...and then take a photo because then you have seen it all before. 

I could write about this topic so much more, but maybe I will come back to it at one point of time. Scroll down a little and you can have a glimpse at some of my photos. 

Have a good day and think squared
Best wishes, 
Laura S. 

Some photos I have been taking throughout this year. I have a much bigger selection, but these are my favorites and maybe you will also feel the same about these photos. 

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