Thursday, August 28, 2014

a dutch thing

Hello everyone, 

My name is Laura and I am a Fashion & Branding student at the AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) in the Netherlands and I finally convinced myself to put my thoughts and inspirations out there to all of you. This is all new for me, so do not be surprised if you don't know whats going on on my blog, but I will work on it and will do my best to make an enjoyable and readable blog. 

Photography, Fashion and Communication Design are my passion and this white rectangular will surely reflect it all at one glimpse. Don't hesitate to leave comments or suggestions behind because that what is all about...

reflection, opinions and different point of views. 
Of course now it is time to add some photos that were taken this week to show you, who is actually telling you all of this and to give you a hopefully good first impression of me. 

Take a look and think squared. 

Best wishes and a good evening, 
Laura S.

Finally got a bike because when you live in Amsterdam it is [life] essential.

Beanie | from #Stilcrew in Austria
Leather Jacket | from Pull & Bear
Jeans | from Forever 21
Shoes | Fake New Balance from Korea
Bag | from Y Not

Bike from the Waterlooplein Market.
- around 80€

Some pictures I took along the way to the city center. Always nice to look around and capture things you would not usually take a look at. Enjoy the weather and look at the squared cloud. 

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