Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lost Wanderer

Dear all!

Today I spent a lovely day in (rainy) Rotterdam.
Challenge of today: Find Museum Van Boijmans Beuningen!
After reaching my destination, which was actually really easy to find, I enjoyed myself walking around in the museum and especially looking at the Future of Fashion is Now - exhibition. Stunning to see such great designs and innovations presented in the heart of Rotterdam, giving fashion loving people the chance to get a glimpse at something that is not only important now, but also in the future.

Separated into four categories:
1) Materiality and Experience 
2) Re-Defining the Human Body 
3) New Values and New Stories 
4) Community and Politics 

Each sector did not only surprise with individual designs, but also with thought through arrangement and lighting. Victor & Rolf, Dooling Jiang, Craig Green, Iris van Herpen are only a few of the contributors of this exhibition.

Everything was worth to be seen, but where I found myself puzzling was when I entered sector four. Reading through descriptions and stories behind the artworks and designs made me think about society and communities ... it makes me sad, angry and confused at the same time.
Impressed by artwork of Tania Candiani and Lucy+Jorge Orta!

"Candiani is fascinated by the way places can connect different aspects of life and make processes visible. Her starting point is often a physical place: an environment shared by a group of people. For this project she created one dress each day for thirty days in a bankrupt textile factory. She embroidered the dresses with stories and anecdotes about the factory, revealing both the poor working conditions and the nostalgia of the workers and local residents." 

Afterwards I wandered around Rotterdam trying to find Bio Bodega, a cute little bio store close to Rotterdam Centraal. On the way I actually found a store, which of I could not remember the name, but accidentally walked past it! GROOS -  a cool "Warenhuis" offering different objects and designs (Rotterdam based designs).

Check it out if you are in the area.
Below you will find the best photos of today.

Think squared,
Laura! :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Vegan Thing

Hi everyone...

It has been a real while since I posted something on my blog. Guess this is not a thing I feel like doing everyday, but more like once in a while.
These few months passed by so fast and now it is already 2015! Have a good New Year by the way :)

Next week I will have to hand in my last project Prototype at AMFI and then Semester One will slowly come to its end.. Crazy how time flies.

Now why I do post something today is because a few weeks ago I told my roommate that I could never become Vegan, but I would actually like to try... and here we are today and I have been trying to eat Vegan for 3 days now. This might seem really short (which it is), but I want to continue for at least 1-2 weeks and see after that.

People ask me why I do this and I literally always say because I wanted to do something I thought I never could do and maybe do something for myself, challenge myself.
So far I have done some research online, but still want to learn more about this topic and believe me, grocery shopping is NOT EASY haha! I had- and still have- some difficulties finding the proper groceries, but I will get the hang of it eventually :D

There are some really nice blogs and restaurants I came across while researching and I am ready to share these all with you. Maybe you also think about trying to eat vegan, then do it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  :)

The next few weeks I will share my experience with you all and hope you enjoy reading this.
This blog won't turn into a FOOD blog, but I have come to the point where I say that mainly "Fashion" blogging is not my thing, I hate being in front of the camera :D Be excited for more posts!

If you have any questions or really good suggestions (maybe about some vegan recipes) then let me know and comment :)

Below you will find some photos from my shopping today.

Have a lovely evening and think squared!
- Laura

P.s: Check out these sites for some infos :D

Friday, October 31, 2014

Blue Square

Good afternoon & Happy Halloween!

Finally it is weekend.... and no university today :)
Had a pretty relaxed morning and a lovely afternoon with my friend Milena. Now I will make myself some tea and work on my Stylebook (project) and will make some delicious food!
My outfit today was pretty basic and cozy. I am in love with my blue neckless, which I got from Bosnia. I combined the basic black look with an expressive blue colored jacket, which seemed to match my blue neckless and "American" Bag. Actually, this outfit was created randomly, since I really needed to do laundry today! :D

Well ... I wish you all a creepy night and think squared!
Best wishes,
Laura S

Neckless | from Bosnia
Jacket | from Primark
Shirt (body) | from my mom' closet
Pants | from Benetton
Shoes | from Converse
Bag | from Y'not
Watch | from Casio

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lovely Knit

Good morning!
Today is a perfect day to visit museums in Leiden for some new research for our new project at AMFI: stylebook! My style is Japan and I am pretty excited about it, as I am very interested in the asian culture. Before I hop in the metro I will show you my latest photos with my new lovely knit from COS. I fell in love with the color and fabric and therefore had to get it from the sale rack, in contrast I wore my leather jacket, my high waisted skinny jeans and my boots from ASH.

I simply love this contrast!

Have a good day and think squared :)
Laura S.

some fun with my friend Milena. Check out her blog:

Beanie | from BOY (fake :D )
Leather Jacket | from Zara
Backpack | from Korea
Knit | from COS
Jeans | from Urban Outfitters
Boots | from ASH

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cozy Weekend


After almost 2 weeks I am back on my blog. I literally had so much to do in the last week of AMFI before the fall break. Actually in fall break I did not do anything, I stayed at home most of the time and tried to get as much sleep as I can. Therefore I also did not have a chance to get my pictures taken, but I know this is also a cheap excuse for not posting anything.

One of my friends from home came to visit me over the weekend and I am so happy she did. Anella and I have been friends for such a long time and it is always great to catch up with her and just pretend like we have never been apart. Time flew by so fast, but we were able to enjoy the beautiful days in Amsterdam and enjoy each others company. I will truly miss her!

Yes, if you have ever wondered if I miss home, here is the answer. Of course there are moments, where I wish to be with my friends and family, but I chose to live here and study here. I love Innsbruck, but Amsterdam is my home now (as for hopefully at least 4 years).

Have a look at some shots from the city below.
Had a lovely couple of days and cannot wait for university to start again tomorrow!

Think squared,
Laura S.     :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Grandma's Fur Vest

Wow! It has been already a week since my last post! Sorry for taking my time, but university lately has been keeping me busy - really busy.
This week friday we are all supposed to hand in our Inspiration book and I really can't wait for this project to be done, I finally want to get some feedback on my work! :)

Next week I might give you a little insight in my book!
Today, my lovely friend Milena and I went to take some pictures. The weather was awful, but nevertheless we were able to get some really good shots.
"Grandma's Fur Vest" literally says it all - I got this vest as a present from my grandma (from Poland) and I am just in love with it, maybe because it is from her or because I have been wanting a fur vest anyways. :)
Together with my denim shirt, bordeaux pants and a pair of Nike I created this cute fall look. Have fun looking through my photos and feel free to leave comments behind!

Good evening!
Think squared,
Laura S.

P.S check out my friends blog:

Wow! Das letzte update von meinem Blog war vor einer Woche! Es tut mir wirklich leid, dass ich euch warten hab lassen, aber es gibt zurzeit sehr viel für die Uni zu tun. 
Dieses Freitag müssen wir alle unser Inspirationsbuch abgeben und ich kann es kaum erwarten, da ich endlich Feedback bekommen möchte! 

Nächste Woche gebe ich euch vielleicht einen kleinen Einblick! 
Heute haben meine Freundin Milena und ich ein paar Fotos gemacht. Das Wetter war furchtbar, aber trotzdem haben wir es geschafft ein paar tolle Bilder zu schießen. 
"Oma's Fellweste" - Ich habe diese Fellweste von meiner Oma aus Polen bekommen und ich liebe sie, vielleicht weil sie von meiner Oma kommt, oder weil ich schon immer eine Fellweste haben wollte... wer weiß :) 
In Zusammensetzung mit meinem Jeanshemd, dunkelroter Hose und meine Nike's habe ich diesen Herbstlook kreiert. Viel Spaß beim Betrachten meiner Fotos und ihr könnt mir auch gern Kommentare hinterlassen!

Schönen Abend!
Think squared, 
Laura S. 

P.S check out my friends blog:

Glasses | from Gucci
Scarf | from H&M
Shirt | from Zara
Vest | from Grandma :)
Pants | from Zara
Shoes | from Nike
Bag | present from parents
Watch | from Casio